8 Reactions for Afterwards
Research, Public interviews and engagement with communities, edited by our collective ENTRE

Edited by Entre

Coord. |
Ana Altberg
Mariana Meneguetti
Gabriel Kozlowski

Team |
Joana Martins
Juliana Biancardine
Lucas Botelho
Manuela Muller
Michel Zalis
Nathalia Perico
Stephanie Marques

Graphic design |
Estúdio forno
Eduarda de Aquino
Marina Rozenthal

Ilustrations |
Kammal João

8 Reactions for Afterwards is a publication on architecture, urban transformations and their side effects.
8 Interviews discuss key themes for thinking about the complexity of the contemporary space: Raquel Rolnik, Keller Easterling, Silvia Federici, Ailton Krenak, Paulo Tavares, Eyal Weizman, Alan Brum, Barbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca. 
8 Urban cases in Rio de Janeiro, identified in the trace of the mega events (World Cup 2014 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games), present spatial evidence of the current state of crisis in the city and the country: Aldeia Maracanã, Minha Casa Minha Vida (Estácio), Vila Autódromo, Campo da Mina, Porto Vida Residencial, Ilha Pura, Quilombo da Gamboa, Piscina de Canoagem.
8 Reactions extract, from the unfolding of these situations, the operations used to transform such territories, highlighting the movements and conflicting forces that act upon it: Demarcate, Colonize, Evoke, Crack, Stake, Replicate, Tie, Mask.