Mulungu House
Petrópolis, Rio de janeiro - Brazil

Architecture: Venta Arquitetos + Mariana Meneguetti
Photography: Federico Cairoli
Engeneering: Teto Engenharia
Landscape: Embya

The house takes its name from the Mulungu tree (Erythrina Mulungu), which is found in the center of the land. Located in the valleys of the city of Petrópolis, in Rio de Janeiro, the 13m x 52m terrain and steep slope is in a narrow condition, with neighbors very close to its border.
The house is developed from these two instances: the remodeling of the land to coexist both house and tree; and filtering the relationship with neighbors by opening its super exposed condition to the interior. The proposal starts from the elevation of the house between two sheets of ceramic bricks, which measure between the neighbors its weaving skin.

The crystal in the courtyard and other facades, before being a translucent element, is reflective and from this condition rebounds and multiplies the surrounding nature into the house.