Minha Casa Minha Vida

Two times override the same space.
"Minha Casa Minha Vida", 2019
"Presidio Frei caneca", Ulisses (Arquivo Nacional), 1960

The archeological dimension of the images propose that the demolition of the Court's Correction House (Casa de Correção da Corte) - the first penitentiary in Brazil, built in 1834 -, gave way to the current housing complex Minha Casa Minha Vida - the largest housing program in the country, opened in 2014 with 50 buildings. While the original stone wall, made with whale oil, and the access portal written "Casa de Correção da Corte", were preserved, the ambiguous relationship between protection and confinement continues to define the human behaviour of its residents.

Realized for the publication "8 Reactions for afterwards", by Entre.