Walls of Air
Research and curatorial project of 12 interviews, edited by our Collective Entre
16th Venice Architecture Biennale

Brazilian Pavillion Catalogue for the XVI Venice Architecture Biennale

Curatorship |
Sol Camacho
Laura González Fierro
Gabriel Kozlowski
Marcelo Maia Rosa

Interviews realized by Entre
coord. |
Ana Altberg
Mariana Meneguetti

Team |
Joana Martins
Juliana Biancardine
Lucas Botelho
Manuela Muller
Michel Zalis
Nathalia Perico
Stephanie Marques

Walls of Air was created for the Brazilian Pavilion at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale in May of 2018. Curated by Sol Camacho, Laura González Fierro, Gabriel Kozlowski, and Marcelo Maia Rosa, the exhibition attempts to uncover the visible and invisible walls that have built Brazil. It showcases several large-scale maps that weave together a narrative of issues that affect not only Brazil but also other countries in the Americas. The maps examine the borders of the country, the history of the foundation of its cities, the flows of people through migration, the fluxes of raw materials and commodities, the real estate market, and environmental questions.
The 12 interviews are with:

Claudio Haddad
Carla e Eliane Caffè
Sergio Besserman
Antonio Donato Nobre
Ailton Krenak
Luiz Felipe de Alencastro
Antonio Risério
Claudio Bernardes
Drauzio Varella
Gilson Rodrigues
Cripta Djan
Kenarik Boujikian

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